“Don’t let the bedbugs bite”

cartoon bed bugs winnipeg

Remember when you were young, and your mother would tuck you into bed saying, “don’t let the bedbugs bite”!? Of course, you probably thought she was kidding and being playful. We never thought of bed bugs as something scary or something that could cause harm. But, guess what, she wasn’t joking because just before dawn, when you are in your deepest sleep, the only thing that is stirring are bedbugs and these tiny insects are ready to strike.

Originally Bedbugs lived in caves, sucking on the blood of bats. But once our prehistoric ancestors crawled into those same caves for shelter, these irritating insects found a new blood source. When prehistoric humans left their caves to explore the new world, bed bugs hitched a ride with their newfound food source to expand and follow humans wherever they roamed.

When you have Bed bugs in your home, they tend to sneak around through the tiniest cracks, the most minuscule of openings, and can even come in through power outlets. They know where you are because they sense the carbon dioxide you exhale. So when they get within sucking distance, they use heat sensors on their antennae to find the juiciest place to drill for that plasma. Any exposed limbs or skin is a ringing dinner bell for these hungry, nasty little insects. You’ve got what they want…. blood!

If you don’t contact Combat Pest Control immediately, thousands of these tiny little bitters can infest a single bedroom in no time. Then you will have a big problem and an even more extensive clean-up ahead of you. Bedbugs have to drink blood to stay alive and breed; they administer an anesthetic as well as an anticoagulant so your vital life essence will gush freely from your veins without you waking up. A fun fact about bed bugs, they can drink three times their weight in a single meal. Now, that’s a big gulp! One more fun fact to help you sleep at night if you have a serious infestation, you might get bitten 500 times in a single night.


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