Got House Mice?

Mice are the smallest of the rodent species and can sometimes be confused with rats; however, they are much smaller and can transmit Salmonella, which can cause food poisoning. The average mouse can cause significant damage to structures by gnawing and tunnelling through walls. Chewed, exposed wires inside walls can spark, causing interior walls to catch fire and has been thought to be the cause of a generation of fires in homes and buildings. Controlling mice in your home or business can be a difficult task.

What to do if you have Mice?

Don’t Panic. If you have a mice infestation on your property, contact Combat Pest Control. First, our professional team will identify the species of mouse and the type of damage, as well as determine how they got in your home. Then we will trap the mice and ensure that the infestation has been eliminated. Lastly, we will advise or fix the areas that have allowed the mice to get into your home or business, protecting you from any further danger or damage from rodent infestation.


More about Mice

If you think you have a mouse or mice situation, contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions.

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