bed bug prep sheet

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In order for our company to provide the most effective service possible, we ask that before our arrival you review and complete all the necessary steps listed below. If you fail to complete the following requests, it may delay the treatment and potentially void any guarantee if applicable.


  • Remove ALL electrical wall plates, phone jack plates, and light switches covers.
  • All electronic equipment should remain in the areas for treatment.
  • Take ALL clothing and ALL other belongings out of all drawers, nightstands, tables, closets, wardrobes, and similar storage areas and launder as per directions located at the end of this page. Ensure all garments are transported from the infested area in sealed bags or containers when transporting to the laundry facility to prevent spreading of the insects to non-infested areas. Discard plastic bags used to transport items immediately in an exterior garbage bin.
  • Any loose clothing (garments and found outside of a dresser, under the bed or closet) must be bagged and laundered as per Laundry Directions. Discard plastic bags used for transportation of these items into an exterior garbage bin.
  • Remove all bedding and pillow. Place in bags and take to the laundry room where they can be placed directly into the washing machine using hot water and/or placed into the dryer as indicated in the step above. Refer to Laundry Directions.
  • Vacuum the floor extensively. Remove the vacuum bag immediately and discard in an exterior garbage receptacle.
  • Articles under the beds provide an ideal place for bedbugs to hide. All clothing or garments must be bagged and laundered. Larger items that were previously stored under the bed should not be moved as bedbugs may be relocated into other areas of the structure.
  • It is necessary for you and your pets to vacate the premises during the service and to not re-enter until at least 4 hours after treatment. Fish aquariums may be left on site, however, they should be covered and air filters must be disconnected. Persons with underlying health conditions should consult their family physician where they have concerns regarding re-entry time.
  • LAUNDRY DIRECTIONS: It is necessary that all garments be laundered in hot water (>60°C or > 140°F) or placed into a dryer on the highest setting for a minimum of 30 minutes (> 40°C or > 104°F). The dryer must be capable for reaching a temperature of >40°C to kill all stages and not be loaded to more than 50% capacity. All laundered items must remain out of the treatment area during services. Please follow label directions when doing laundry.


The follow-up service will occur approximately 2 weeks after the initial treatment. To reduce the amount of work to be completed by the homeowner in preparation for this follow-up service we advise you not to completely reassemble your home until this service has been performed. These accompanying measures should be taken during the period between the initial and follow-up services:

  • Do not tamper with any of the devices left in the place such as the box spring and mattress protective encasements. These will protect the mattresses and box springs from becoming re-infested and will prevent bed bugs potentially already within these objects from re-infesting the home.
  • Where possible, clothing should remain in sealed plastic bags to prevent potential re-infestation. Bags must be kept sealed at all times. Where the homeowner wishes to place clothing back into dressers and closets these items will need to be removed, bagged, and re-laundered prior to the follow-up service.
  • Please put your electrical outlet covers back.
  • Do not introduce any new or used furniture or any other potentially infested items not previously in the unit.