Cockroach Prep Sheet

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Preparing Your Suite for cockroach treatment:

CLIENT NAME:__________________________________

Unit # _____________ Date of treatment _______________

Living room, dining room, bathrooms, bedrooms, storage rooms and basements:

  • make sure everything is moved at least 4” away from the baseboards. This includes furniture, boxes, bags, speakers, toys, garbage etc. Whatever is on your floor.
  • Sweep or vacuum all floors before treatment
  • Cover fish bowls and aquariums with plastic and unplug them
  • Remove all other pets from your suite
  • Leave all plants in place
  • Remove items from closet floors and place on higher shelves


  • Clean counter top putting all food in sealed containers
  • Empty all cupboards and drawers
  • clean off stove, fridge and counter tops.

You must leave your suite for a minimum of four hours after treatment.

Treatment will be repeated in two weeks time.